Our Organic Farm

It’s together with the EntreRios company, an organic family farm producing berries for nearly 30 years, that provides us its delicious organic blueberries, that we have decided to develop our Bberri juices!  After having developed our unique juice process that keeps the benefits of fresh fruit, especially the antioxidants of the berries, VirtusNatura was created in order to give the best of the blueberries to the consumers, all year long.  So VirtusNatura is a prolongation of what Entrerios has been working on for many years: with love, respect, gratitude to the soil and happy workers, the soil gives us its best:  HAPPY FRUIT.  And VirtusNatura, with this happy fruit works every day to produce a HAPPY JUICE to give the best to the world.

Entrerios Farms is a family company based in Linares, 304 kmt South of Santiago, in Chile.  All its production is organic, because they firmly believe that the only possible way to feed and nurture humanity is through biological and sustainable agriculture.

It has several farms in the 7th region of Chile growing all the different berries, especially blueberries.  It’s a hard work all year-long, taking out weeds by hand, understanding the life of the soil, looking for the perfect nutritional and microscopic beings balance.  Looking for more harmony in its fields, it has also incorporated Feng Shui principles.   The peak of its work finishes with the harvest of its happy berries by hand in the summer.  In its own packinghouse, the berries are frozen, carefully selected before its exportation as frozen or as Bberri juice to the world.  The freezing of the berries allows to preserve all the benefits of the blueberries and to process fresh Bberri juice all year round.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade | Pure juice made only from berries | No added sugar | No additives, no artificial colors | Non-GMO | Extremely rich in polyphenols, source of antioxidants | Not made from concentrate