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Our juices have been developed in a respectful way of the environment, thinking in the planet for future generations, for the well being of the body and the spirit, and finally so that you can have access in the market to a superior quality juice, offering to consumers a 100% natural juice just like home-made juices.


In addition to being elected product of the year on the 5 organic products at the “2013 Fancy Food Show” in New York, the Maqui Berry juice is also the juice with the highest concentration of antioxidant of the juices that propose Bberri. In fact, Maqui berry, a native Chilean Berry is the number one superberry, with the highest concentration of antioxidants of all superfruits! With 40gr of maqui berries in each BberriMaqui berry bottle, this is the only juice on the international market that is made from so many maqui berries. Mixed with the blueberries, this is a “super polyphenol” combination with a fascinating and intense flavor!

Maqui berries are well known in Chile, used traditionally by the Mapuches as a natural remedy, it is potent antioxidant and it has great anti-inflammatory properties (especially cardio vascular benefits). It helps to regulate the sugar metabolism, and it is also known as one of the best fat burner.


Blueberry juice is the first juice developed by the company. It is made from more than 400 berries in each bottle, carefully hand-made selected. Without any sugar added, it is intense in flavor and aroma. But if your taste buds require it, you can sweeten it to your favorite taste. As blueberry antioxidants are good to enhance concentration and memory, it is very recommended to drink during the morning to give a boost to your body and give you the energy you need for the day.


The cherries add anti-inflammatory properties and a unique and sweeter flavor! It is highly recommended to drink before and after exercise, as its virtues are numerous. In fact, it has been demonstrated that athletes that consume cherries or cherry juices, recovered better after exercise and noted less muscle sores. So take out your bikes and don’t forget to take your favorite juice with you!

Certified Organic and Fair Trade | Pure juice made only from berries | No added sugar | No additives, no artificial colors | Non-GMO | Extremely rich in polyphenols, source of antioxidants | Not made from concentrate