Grape and Maqui Berry juice (100% Organic)

Polyphenol-packed maqui berries and deliciously sweet grapes complement each other in each bottle of Bsucus® Organic Grape-Maqui Berry juice, a perfect marriage of nutrition and flavor. The maqui berry, native to Chile, is rapidly gaining worldwide acclaim because of its unparalleled health properties, namely its abundance of polyphenols as the richest natural source known to man. In fact, the Chilean Mapuches believe these polyphenols to contribute to the prevention of heart diseases and aging. Include this healthy and exquisite fruit juice in your diet!

Certified Organic and Fair Trade | Pure juice made only from berries | No added sugar | No additives, no artificial colors | Non-GMO | Extremely rich in polyphenols, source of antioxidants | Not made from concentrate