Who We Are Company

Bberri®, born in 2010 in Linares, Chile, are natural products of VirtusNatura Chile SpA, a dynamic young company.  It works in partnership with Agro Entre Rios Ltda, which is an organic family farm growing berries for nearly 30 years.
VirtusNatura, whose name in Latin means “Gift of Nature”, has developed a 100% natural juice with an innovative high technology process that allows to keep the healthy benefits of the fresh fruit.  In fact, this process allows polyphenols extraction (source of natural antioxidants) of the berries that is far superior to conventional juice processes.  This process is completely organic, with no use of food additives,  processing aids nor other chemical inputs.

We wanted to create a 100% natural juice to pay tribute to what nature has best to offer us.  So we extract from the fruit the maximum benefits that are in it.  Through the different flavors, you not only drink an intense and unique fruit juice, but also you help to a better conscious of the planet and you reinforce your organism.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade | Pure juice made only from berries | No added sugar | No additives, no artificial colors | Non-GMO | Extremely rich in polyphenols, source of antioxidants | Not made from concentrate