Needless to say, we’re obsessed with Chilean berries. Blueberries, blackberries, and maqui berries; they're delicious superfruits with lots of proven health benefits thanks to their high polyphenol content.


In 2010, unsatisfied by conventional juice brands that squeeze processes for efficiency, cut costs on fruit quality, and add fillers at the expense of customers like us, we started Bberri to serve our finest fruits using revolutionary techniques. Our vision is to become the global leader of polyphenol products.


OUR promise.

All Bberri products are made from 100% organic fruits freshly picked from the orchard. That’s it. Not from concentrate, not diluted, no added sugars, preservatives, fillers, colors, or any additives. We don’t even add water to the juice.


Our trusted family orchards here in Linares, Chile, provide us with the most delicious and fresh fruits in the region, certified organic by the highest standards.

OUR method.

OUR fruits.

This blueberry juice is our flagship product. We developed an innovative juicing method to retrieve natural polyphenols and delicious flavors. Although this method requires more work than processes like cold press, we believe it’s worth it, because it’s less wasteful and yields high quality juice.