Blueberry & Maqui Berry Juice.

The ancient Mapuche treasure of polyphenols. 

The Fruits. 

For centuries, the Mapuche tribes of Chile have eaten maqui berries for strength before battling Inca and Spaniard invaders. Lab studies have crowned this as the fruit with the highest ORAC. This superfruit grows in the wild, in Patagonian rainforests.


The Nutrition. 

Studies show that polyphenols in maqui and blueberries promote various aspects of overall health. Maqui berries have at least twice as many polyphenols as acai berries. They're perfect to prepare you for the everyday battles of a city dweller.


The Taste. 

A sophisticated and complex, yet soft taste transports you to the Andes Mountains. You’ll never go back to regular juice after trying this blend of super-fruits.