Maqui Berry Extract.

Our most nutritious delicacy. 

The Fruits. 

For centuries, the Mapuche tribes of Chile have eaten maqui for strength before battle against Inca and Spaniard invaders. Lab studies have crowned the maqui berry as the fruit with the highest ORAC. This superfruit grows in the wild, in Patagonian rainforests.

The Nutrition. 

This extract is pure maqui berry juice, from which we distille the fruit’s natural water content to serve you more nutrients and less water. Studies prove that maqui polyphenols promote healthy weight loss, help regulate sugar metabolism, and improve cardiovascular health. Maqui berries have over twice as many polyphenols as acai berries.


The Taste. 

This convenient daily shot is the perfect addition to your smoothie, or a breakfast pick-me-up to prepare you for the everyday battles of a city dweller. Let this rich, textured and balanced taste transport you to the Andes Mountains.